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Birthday Poem

Happy 70th Birthday Jim

Seven decades now have passed
Since that January day
When the Purcells gazed in lovingly
To the cradle where Jim lay

A little Tipperary boy
He had many goals to reach
But when growing up it was clear to see
That the man was born to teach

And that’s exactly what he did
In the classrooms took the reigns
Projecting movies for the students
While educating their young brains

His love of history all consumed
But never was a hassle
Passion and talent put to use
When restoring Drimnagh castle

The classics too he always loved
Whether music, poetry, books
And the gadgets hoarded through the years
In the crannies and the nooks

The world he really had to see
With his wonderful vacations
Not content with this he also learned
The tongues of many nations

But that’s not why we’re here today
Impressive all be told
Its because with all these talents
In Jim beats a heart of gold

Always there to lend a hand
To help or just to guide
To give his time for others needs
With Imelda by his side

And that is why we’re gathered here
Fill the glasses to the brim
Toast a lovely man on his big day
A very happy birthday Jim